Channel#1 – Crossing to a place we love.

Please listen with headphones…

MOLENBEEK. A district in the heart of Europe’s capital Brussels, bordered by the gray and steadily flowing canal Charleroi-Brussels. Described in the international media as a ‘breeding ground for terror’, ‘Europe’s jihadi central’ or ‘The Islamic State of Molenbeek’. On the other side of the river – the European Parliament neighborhood, a steady coming and going, arrivals and departures, stepping stone for international careers.

CHANNEL #I CROSSING TO A PLACE WE LOVE is part of a series of audio-visual works that seeks to deconstruct the façade of ‘Europe’s most popular ghetto’ and mirror the harsh boundaries between different places. Hectic, loud and often diffuse city sound enters into dialogue with images of anonymous spaces with constant movements. The audio/video installation interweaves image and sound into a new place, interrupted by people and their individual voices. The observer slowly becomes part of a new territory and thus its inhabitants.

Audio/Video Installation

Images: Christine Moderbacher & Cise Ibrahima
Sound: Anna Steiden